São Paulo My Love

Give Me The Strength

São Paulo is a draining city. It demands a lot from the people. Since 2008 I have been coming to Sao Paulo several times a year. My forays through the city are exhausting, but the fascination for this city never fades. Everything is overwhelming: The colours, the exuberant traic, the people, who obviously have their origins on all continents of the world. My friends say, that they want to leave this city as soon as possible, but in fact they are all still there. So it seems to be an ambivalent love, but with obviously never dying passion. This is Brazil.

A Devouring Love

São Paulo, a rebellious city. Rich and beautiful, poor and ugly, young and old, everything is held together by the city’s splendid colorfulness. Bereft of color, in black and white, stripped to the naked skin, the truth comes to light. The city’s desire to be loved is evident.